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(Napa Valley, California) — Winemakers Recommend is proud to announce the beta launch of its official website The first website of its kind, Winemakers Recommend features top Napa Valley winemakers sharing their own personal wine recommendations with wine lovers everywhere.

Traditionally, critics, the mainstream media, retailers, and—more recently—bloggers, have dominated the wine recommendation process.  While these voices are valuable to consumers, at Winemakers Recommend, we believe that this circle of tastemakers neglects to include an equally important voice: The Winemakers.

At Winemakers Recommend, some of North America’s best winemakers share editorially independent, non-compensated, expert recommendations and other fascinating details about the world of wine— all in beautifully shot, high-definition video. Winemakers Recommend is a 100 percent pro-consumer site. There is no pay-for-play on either end. The winemakers are fighting for the consumer and helping wine lovers with their expert palates and winemaking knowledge.

Co-Founder Marcus Krupp believes, “With intimate knowledge, unparalleled passion and finely honed palates, winemakers are the ultimate wine insiders. They tend to focus on absolute quality, not big names, recommending new, exciting, little-known, or under-appreciated wines. These insider wines are often unique, under-the-radar gems. They can also be unbelievably great values, obscure varietals, or the hottest new small production Cabernets. We are excited to bring these recommendations to the public for free, and in an unbiased way.”

Known for his creative wine country videography, co-Founder Bret Lyman says, “Working with winemakers and their recommendations naturally introduces us to great stories about wine…we will be exploring these stories with mini documentaries that we will release periodically to our List as an added value for our fans.”

How to Access Winemakers Recommend

After subscribing to the free Winemakers Recommend Insider List at, members will receive exclusive video “insider wine” recommendations delivered via e-mail several times a week. The videos will share must-have recommendations, the best of what’s new, and undiscovered treasures. As part of the Insider List, members will also receive access to the Winemakers Recommend “insider wine” discovery web video site. Like getting access to the winemakers’ cellars , the website video experience provides the collective video recommendations—a one-stop hub where our winemakers elevate the wine drinking experience with their independent selections.

The Winemakers

Featured winemakers have diverse experiences and styles, but are all among Napa Valley’s best. They include winemakers at prestigious wineries, like Harvest Duhig of Caymus Vineyards, Charles Thomas of Quintessa, Kale Anderson of Pahlmeyer, and Jean Hoefliger of Alpha Omega, as well as cult winemakers such as Chris Carpenter of Lokoya, Winemaker of the Year Aaron Pott, and highly respected trailblazers, such as Steve Mathiasson and Helen Keplinger. Many more winemakers are participating and their recommendations will be shared to the Winemakers Recommend Insider List.

The Creators

Winemakers Recommend was launched by two Napa locals with deep roots in the wine industry: Bret Lyman and Marcus Krupp. Bret’s B Napa Studio pioneered digital film for California’s wine country. He is best known for his intimate stories about wines and their producers here in California, Schramsberg and Shafer in Napa for example, but also internationally working with industry icons like Domaine Leflaive in Burgundy.

At eight-years-old, Marcus Krupp moved to Napa, when his father, Dr. Jan Krupp, decided to pursue a longtime dream with the planting of Stagecoach Vineyard. Returning to the valley after a finance career on the East Coast, Marcus took advantage of the opportunity to learn about the region’s many diverse wines from the ultimate insider sources—the renowned winemakers working with grapes from his father’s Stagecoach Vineyard. Deciding that he wanted to share access to this insider knowledge, while connecting winemakers with wine lovers everywhere, he united with his friend Bret and the two of them created the insider video recommendation service Winemakers Recommend.

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