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Wine Stains No More

Almost as inevitable as the Thanksgiving turkey coma is that most dreaded dinner party casualty: spilled red wine.

Red stains, whether from wine or punch or magic marker, are the most difficult to remove, and the sugars in wine make the stain even more stubborn, said Steve Boorstein, who owned a high-end dry cleaning business for 16 years and now dispenses garment care advice as The Clothing Doctor.

How you treat a red wine stain depends on a host of factors, including the type of fabric and the color of the garment, but one key ingredient to success is consistent, Boorstein said: patience.

Boorstein, author of “The Ultimate Guide to Shopping and Caring for Clothing” (Boutique Books), suggested the following steps for removing a red wine stain from washable fabrics. (Take dry-clean-only garments to the dry cleaners.) The same process applies to white wine stains, which, though less visible, still stain because of the sugars.


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