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Wine Club

Dog Lover’s Wine Club

Great Wine News: Dog Lover's Wine Club

A choice of premium California wine delivered to your doorstep either monthly, bi-Monthly, or quarterly. Each label features art of shelter dogs created exclusively for the wine club collection. M e m b e r B e n e f i t s • 20% off current wines and merchandise • Wine and pet accessories… Read More »

J Experience


Further immerse yourself in the essence of Russian River Valley style with a full range of our flagship wines. J Experience Benefits – Five shipments each year – Each shipment includes five to eight bottles of new release varietal and sparkling wines – Each shipment costs between $225 and $305, exclusive of tax and shipping… Read More »

Canada’s Wine Of The Month Club

Great Wine News - Wine of the Month Club

The Wine of the Month Club is the perfect gift to impress any wine lover! Each month we’ll deliver 2 full-sized bottles of hard-to-find, premium wines from award-winning, boutique wineries across the globe. Every wine we deliver has been carefully selected by our professional wine tasters who sample hundreds of new wines every year looking… Read More »

The Cape Wine Club

Great Wine News - The Cape Wine Club

In the shadow of the Baobab tree one can find a place of history and folklore telling tales of South Africa’s past, present and future. A developing country filled with pride of our people who are at last united, we can celebrate the Baobab as an iconic figure- A marvelous representation of our passion for… Read More »

The French Wine Club


As a member of THE FRENCH WINE GIFT CLUB you will have two bottles of fine French wine delivered right to your doorstep every month. When you discover a favorite, you will have the option of reordering at any time. But first check to find out if we deliver to your State (U.S.) Each month… Read More »

Rolling Stone Wine Club

Rolling stone

Powered by Wines That Rock, the Official Rolling Stone Magazine Wine Club blends wine & music like never before. Each wine we deliver is a reflection and interpretation of the music itself, inspired by legendary artists and the rock ‘n roll mythology behind these classic albums. Coming out of Mendocino County California, at the headwaters… Read More »