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What’s Missing?

Once again, it’s “one and done” for the lone woman ranger on the annual Food & Wine “Best New Chefs” (BNC) in America list. Every year, I take issue with the magazine’s BNC, which recognizes innovative, up-and-coming chefs who have been in charge of a kitchen for five or fewer years. If these designated honorees are “the future of food,” when will creative women chef power rangers rise in the culinary universe? Perhaps women chefs should cook up a “Food & Whine” protest?

Here’s the beef: Why aren’t more women on the list? This has become the annual male call for the BNC. The (mostly female) editors solicit nominations from food writers, critics and experts around the country. Then they travel incognito to taste the food first-hand.

Congratulations to this year’s lone woman ranger: Jamie Malone, 30, chef at Sea Change, the sustainable seafood restaurant at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was also nominated as a 2013 Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Awards.

Only 40 women, of the 250 BNC, have made the list since it was launched in 1988. No woman was chosen in 2003. One woman was selected in the period from 2004-2007 and from 2009 -2011. Two women were named in 2008 and 2012.

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