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The Battle for Pinot

Nothing says wine quite like murder and mayhem, right? Edward Finstein, a.k.a. “The Wine Doctor,” has moved away from wine expertise books and into fiction with his first novel, Pinot Envy.

Woody Robins is a bon vivant, devil-may-care wine guru who specializes in investigatory work involving rare artifacts of a vinous nature. Amidst the backdrop of world-famous Napa, and upbeat, San Francisco, Woody finds he’s bitten off more than he can chew when hired by a wealthy grape grower to retrieve his stolen priceless large bottle of red Burgundy that once belonged to the French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Tested by a colorful cast of characters, deceit, blackmail, intrigue, dealings with the mob and even murder ensue. With the help of his dozy boyhood chum, girlfriend, aunt and detective buddy with San Francisco’s finest, he eventually manages to unravel the case, but not before he learns a thing or two about himself.

Pinot Envy is an easy, poolside read for any wine lover who would like to read something a little more carefree this summer. Known for his whimsy, The Wine Doctor doesn’t disappoint with Woody’s quirky attitude, old world soul and clothing. Plus, his comical dealings between the suspects make this read a never ending guessing game right till the end.

Grab your favorite Pinot and jump right into the pandemonium.

Pinot Envy

By: Edward Finstein

Publisher: Bancroft Press

Pages: 199

To purchase book, click here: Pinot Envy

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