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Summer Reading Joins Summer Drinking

A toast to your favorite classics! This set from Out of Print Clothing includes eight coasters with iconic book cover art from Catch-22, Invisible Man and Pride and Prejudice among others.

Which book coaster deserves your best Pinot?

– Water-resistant coasters
– Eight different book titles
– Canvas-wrapped “book case”
– Coasters become pages of book when stored

A purchase of this set sends one book to a community in need.

A Brief Q&A With Out of Print:

1.    Why design pieces from out of print bookcovers?
People don’t realize that hard cover books are slowly becoming extinct with the rise of technology, so it is a way of keeping the classics alive with printed classic book covers on different products. We also donate a book to Books of Africa for every purchase of any of our products.

2.     How did you decide which books to use?
We chose some of our top favorite and most popular titles and then have to go through a licensing deal with each of the artists to secure the artwork for our products so it is a process.

3.     Which book that you re-printed is your favorite?
The Great Gatsby! We have different varieties and it is a great classic story!

4.     Do you see a future doing fun wine labels?
Not at the moment but who knows!

5.     Give us your best out of print book/wine pairing for the summer.
A Lolita with a deep red Pinot Noir wine.

To order your own set of coasters, click here: Out of Print

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