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Sharing is Caring this Thanksgiving

I am a huge supporter of fellow journalists and writers. We’re in an industry whose goal is to communicate stories to readers to fuel conversation. We work long, hard hours and sometimes suffer bouts of writer’s block in order to do so. That being said, I have respect but do not always agree with my cadre of fellow writers.

Matt Kramer’s recent column in Wine Spectator’s November 30 edition was a bit bitter for my palate.

Calling readers idiots if they were to share a special bottle of wine on Thanksgiving is snobbish and an attitude I feel so many in wine world are trying to move away from. I know I have never aspired to be that way.

Thanksgiving and the holidays in general are all about those moments together with family and friends. Wine is centered around many of those moments. To take Kramer’s advice and “protect ourselves” from the “thirsty mob” is not what the holidays are about.

Kramer pointed out that as wine lovers, we are generous people looking for others to fall under wine’s spell. Absolute poetry. But , he takes that beauty away once he points out the holidays are the worst time to introduce great wine as you’ll only be bruised by your family or friends insusceptibility. He basically already formed an opinion that as a wine connoisseur, you’re above the crowd.

I say, forget Kramer’s advice. Break out what ever bottle you feel like sharing. If not everyone enjoys the wine you have offered, offer them 7-Up to make a spritzer or a cold beer. This time is about being with each other, not feeding your wine ego. And if they want to try to learn to love wine like you, offer them Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan’s One Minute Wine Master Quiz so they can find a wine they may truly appreciate.

Enjoy these moments together because you never know how long you’ll have them. And if you have a crazy wine story or moment you would like to share, I want to read it or see it. After all, this is the season of sharing.

Have a happy, safe Thanksgiving everybody! A toast to you and yours over a memorable bottle of wine!


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    Theresa Dillon

    Theresa Dillon
    Theresa Dillon earned her bachelor’s degree in print journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU. In her spare time she enjoys reading, attending concerts, weekly trivia nights, watching movies (especially her favorite The Wizard of Oz), and of course wine.