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Screwed Not Corked

The vinous question of the decade is ‘CORK OR SCREWCAP’ to seal your favourite bottle of wine?

Recently I have read lots of heated discussions on social media on the vexing question of whether to seal wine bottles under screwcap or cork. These discussions get very heated and there are some really crazy/dumb things said along the way.

I must confess that I have been an ardent screwcap advocate since the early 1990’s for a number of reasons. At the time I was working for Orlando Wyndham (makers of Jacobs Creek) and they were bottling many thousands of cases of Jacobs Creek under screwcap for Qantas (Australia’s Airline) – who served it to their Economy Class passengers. At the same time they were just starting to pack Jacobs Creek into 6-packs for the UK, rather than in 12-packs. I had the audacity to suggest that we should pack screwcap Jacobs Creek into 6-packs and promote it in bottleshops around the beaches, harbours and other leisure venues such as sports ovals. Having been a crew member aboard an amateur JOG (Junior Ocean Going) yacht I knew how hard it was to uncork a bottle of Chardonnay without losing half the contents due too a two metre plus swell out at sea.

Needless to say I was laughed out of the meeting and the then Brand Manager told me quite unequivocally that “whilst ever I am here, Jacobs Creek will never, ever be sold commercially under screwcap” – humph, I wonder where he is now?…


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    Dan Traucki

    Dan Traucki
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