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Rock and Vine Book Review

Rock and Vine starts the reader on the right path with a quote from H. William Harlan saying, “Each generation discovers for itself the character of place in the context of time. Each individual does the same. That process is inexorable – and inseparable from the land, for gravity grounds us all.”

After inspiration hit at a San Francisco wine tasting event, writer Chelsea Prince chose to reveal the lives and innovations of the next generation changemakers in California’s wine country.

Through eleven unforgettable stories, Prince and photographer Mary Steinbacher introduce talented wine industry trailblazers (each 35 and under) who are primed to perpetuate and evolve the legacy of Napa and Sonoma.

The personalities and photos paint a vivid picture of California’s future but what makes this book shine is the extensive research and decision to branch out from the family greats and highlight the game changers in the industry from all walks of life.

Rock and Vine is great inspiration for the readers young and old looking to follow their dream and make their mark on the world.

Rock and Vine:
Next Generation Changemakers in America’s Wine Country

By: Chelsea Prince

Photography by: Mary Steinbacher

Publisher: Chelsea Print & Publishing

Pages: 152

To purchase book, click here: Rock and Vine

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    Theresa Dillon

    Theresa Dillon
    Theresa Dillon earned her bachelor’s degree in print journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU. In her spare time she enjoys reading, attending concerts, weekly trivia nights, watching movies (especially her favorite The Wizard of Oz), and of course wine.