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Your Wine,Your Words: Picture Perfect

Our first evening on Maui at the fabulous Ka’anapali Grand Hyatt was exactly that  – perfect!

Sunset, dreamy tropical breezes, and an open-air dining experience.  Our server recommended the Canvas Chardonnay.

My personal mantra is to live in the moment.  All of my past life events are now merely memories, many are delightful, some are painful.

My future is uncertain, but I choose a positive path.  I now have a relationship with a wonderful partner.  Who knew he would enter my life?

Perhaps that is why the Mondavi Canvas is now my most favorite Chardonnay.  Isn’t life a blank canvas?  And aren’t we the artists?

So, I say, “Stay in the moment!”

Who knows the wonders and surprises just waiting for us?


Judith Patrick

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