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Olly Smith’s “The BOTTLE” – Innovative New Crystal Decanter

(London, England) – In 2011, Olly Smith launched his short stemmed universal wine glass, designed to bring out the best in all wine
and to easily fit in small cupboards and dishwashers.

New for 2012, and to complement “The GLASS”, Olly introduces “The BOTTLE”.

Over lunch with Daniel Primack, Director of Around Wine and Olly’s go to guy for all things wine and design, the chaps got chatting about the merits of opening up even the humblest bottles of wine to their full potential by the simple act of pouring.

Many decanter designs are steeped in cumbersome tradition and the more ornate modern designs can be tricky to pour, clean and store. Olly and Daniel agreed that any vessel can be used as a decanter, even a handy kitchen jug.

“In fact,” Daniel remarked, “I know someone who uses a tea-pot.”

Olly replied “I sometimes use a milk bottle but they’re not quite big enough for a whole bottle.”

Immediately the seed was sown to create a decanter based on a familiar, everyday item that’s practical and takes up minimal table space.

After some complicated mathematics to get the ratios right, thus preserving such a familiar shape,“The BOTTLE” was commissioned in non-lead crystal by one of central Europe’s leading boutique glass blowers.

This shape fits comfortably in the hand, is easy to pour, wash and drain. Such a simple design doesn’t dominate the table and encourages daily use. It can be placed in the fridge door to chill white and rosé or even gently chill lighter reds on a hot summer’s day. And the simplicity of its design makes it easy to clean, even in the dishwasher.

Retailing for £55 ($90 plus delivery to the U.S. at around $27), available exclusively from & this limited edition comes stamped with Olly’s logo and is the decanter he uses at home. Join the club or give one to someone you love this Christmas.

Order “The BOTTLE” by visiting: and

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