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New Romantic Blends for Valentine’s Day

(St. Helena, California) –  Scott Harvey Wines announced the debut of a romantic new line of White and Red Wine blends under the Jana Winery label. With the white blend labeled Primero Beso and the Red Blend entitled Ultimo Beso, the wines have an amorous note conveyed by the romantic Spanish language.

Scott Harvey, owner and winemaker, planned to name the blends simply The Kiss, “but the band ‘Kiss’ already has their own wine label and this would infringe on their trademark. With Spanish being a widely spoken language, we named the blends “First Kiss” and “Last Kiss” in Spanish,” explained Scott. “Valentine’s Day, of course, is the perfect time for these new blends to launch.”

Napa Valley-based winemaker Scott Harvey is acclaimed as a “Master Blender.” Scott Harvey’s affection for wine blends goes back over 15 years. These new wine blends are similar to Scott’s original Ménage à Trois creation. First introduced to the wine market in 1996, Ménage à Trois wine blends are extremely popular and are found throughout the United States. Today, Scott makes a variety of Napa Valley wine including Cabernet Sauvignon. His European training on the Alsatian border of France and Germany influences the flavor of his California White wine blend.

Primero Beso ($18) is the new release 2011 California White Wine Blend. Scott Harvey said, “I’ve always loved producing this Alsatian style blend. The Symphony brings a fruit forward beginning to the wine while the Chardonnay makes up the full bodied finish. With only the Symphony and Chardonnay we have what I call a donut wine with the center still needing to be developed. The Riesling is the perfect bridging component to fill out the wine and make it complete.”

Primero Beso is made in a semi-dry style. With mouth-watering balance, the wine is full of spicy orange and honeydew melon fruit. It is designed to complement light-style pastas, fish or chicken. “It’s a nice hot tub wine,” said Jana Harvey, Scott’s wife, partner, and inspiration for the Jana Wine label.

Red blends are a fast growing trend and in Ultimo Beso ($20), Scott Harvey adds just a touch of sweetness. Ultimo Beso is a 2009 California Red Wine Blend of Zinfandel and Barbera, accentuating California’s best varietals. Scott Harvey explains, “The Zinfandel brings a fruit forward beginning to the wine while the Barbera makes up the full bodied finish. Here too, in the blending of Zinfandel and Barbera, the center still needed to be developed. The addition of the Port varieties provides the perfect bridging component to fill out the wine and make it complete.” Made in a full-bodied style with mouth-watering balance, the wine is full of spicy cloves and blackberry fruit, designed to go well with any meat or pasta dish.

Scott Harvey Wines is also introducing the same two blends under a French language label:
2011 Premier Baiser is the White Blend, and 2009 Dernier Baiser is the Red Blend—geared to French bistros, French markets, and French-speaking wine enthusiasts.

The intriguing label offers an optical illusion, representing a kiss. Yet, not everyone sees The Kiss. Some see a corkscrew, others, a river of wine. Scott likes that wine drinkers can bring their imagination to the wine from love at first sight, to a lingering touch from the flavors of his blends.


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