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New Book on Phenomenon of Celebrity Wines

Celebrities sure seem to love their wine, so much so that a bunch of them are getting into the winemaking business. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced in February that they’ve teamed up with a French winemaker on a rosé, while Guy Fieri revealed in January that he’s going to open a tasting room at his new Sonoma County vineyard.

But what makes a celebrity jump into the wine business? That’s one of the questions that writers Nick Wise and Linda Sunshine explore in Celebrity Vineyards, available this week from Welcome Books.

The book profiles 16 different celebrity-owned wineries, from Dan Aykroyd’s Niagara vineyard to Mario Andretti’s enterprise in Napa. In the following interview, the duo discusses how involved celebrities actually are with their wines — and whether those wines are any good.

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