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Navigating New York City’s Wine Bars

In New York City, it seems that a new wine bar is springing up every other week. This rise in popularity is due to wine drinkers getting younger (people ages 25 to 34 now account for the largest group of wine consumers, according to Impact) and accessibility increasing. Wine bars are making the beverage more accessible by providing wider selections of unique and interesting wines that might otherwise be overlooked, or hard to find, on the shelves of a retail store.

After visiting over 80 of New York City’s 150+ wine bars in the last two years, Megan Yates of Drink of the Vine helps us narrow down the choices.

There are several things I look for when I visit a new place. The value of the wine in my glass is very important. The last thing I want to do is overpay for a poor quality wine, but at the same time I’m willing to pay $15 for a glass of wine that tastes like I should be paying twice as much.


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