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Let Your Nose Take Over

The wineglass that lets the wine express itself. Exploreur® Classic is blown in top quality lead-free glass. The Aroma Line is a technical achievement that took over two years to accomplish. Each Exploreur® Classic is a unique glass.

International patent.
Aroma guide included.
Box of 2 glasses.

How to use it?
1. First, without twirling the glass, sniff the wine in your Exploreur® Classic. This will show the most volatile aromas.
2. Now swirl the wine for a couple of seconds in your Exploreur® Classic, using a loose, supple movement.
3. Smell the difference… With the Aroma Line, the stronger aromas become more powerful and their definition improves. Other, more subtle and complex aromas come to the fore.

L’Atelier du Vin
Exploreur® Classic

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