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Laurenz V is Strictly Grüner, Strictly Notable

The color purple represents ambition, wisdom and dignity.

Purple also happens to be Laurenz Moser’s signature color.

It’s very fitting for a man who puts forth all his winemaking capabilities into only one varietal: the Grüner Veltliner.

Maybe it was destiny, but in person Moser will talk about his upbringing and mentors who helped to shape him.

The biggest influence on his life was Professor Dr. Lorenz Moser III, also known as “Grandpa Grüner.”

“He was one of the most important men, (pause) human beings, in my life,” Moser said sympathetically. “He shaped my relationship to wine and even more so to a vineyard.”

Grandpa Grüner was legendary in Austria and throughout the wine world for inventing and developing the ubiquitous Austrian trellising system called the Lenz Moser Hocherziehung, which revolutionized vineyard cultivation right across Europe. The Grüner varietal is what helped Grandpa Grüner master his revolutionary system.

“He was very stubborn and at the beginning he wasn’t very popular. Farmers didn’t want to change,” Moser explained. “Farmers in Europe are very, very traditional. Still today, the biggest distinction between New World wine producers and Old World wine producers is the mindset.”

Yet, Grandpa Grüner still made time to mold Moser into something great.

“When I was a little boy, he would come every weekend and ask ‘would you come with me’ to explore the vineyards and he always made it a big adventure,” Moser reminisced. “He always had a shovel. He would dig up the soil and at an early age showed me what was going on. All the worms, bacteria, root system; we would get it in our hands and pull it apart and then he would explain the different elements, soil types and stones.”

“He taught me to be very, very close to Mother Nature. To be humble and very, very grateful about the end product because it’s Mother Nature and it’s not a given that it will be a good wine year after year.”

While Grandpa Grüner bred Moser to honor Mother Nature and truly understand her, it was New World wine influences that helped Moser discover his niche in the wine world.

“Mr. Mondavi said, ‘do something but don’t do too many things. Don’t stretch yourself too much. Focus on something and do it extremely well. The most important thing is to differentiate from the pack,’” Moser said.

With Mondavi’s advice, Moser went to the drawing board.

“When you’re soul searching, starting with a white sheet of paper for a project, you look for reasons and inspiration and I turned first back to my family history and Grandpa Grüner,” Moser explained.

Moser then chose to produce the Grüner Veltliner exclusively, creating Laurenz V wine.

“We thought, nobody else is doing this, everybody else has 5, 10, 15 grape varieties on their books. I said no, one is enough,” Moser said with finality.

His first years were tough, selling a dream and “a lot of hot air,” as he puts it.

“Everybody said ‘ah, he’s not going to sustain. He has to have a Riesling, he has to have this and that’ but I’m old enough and stubborn enough that it worked,” Moser said.

Now in their 7th year, business is moving forward in a positive direction. Moser made the decision to market abroad only. Currently they export to 42 countries.

“We said let’s got abroad and be the spear head for our mission which is very simple – we would like to build Grüner into a worldwide noble grape which it is not at this stage. But we’re gaining friends on a daily basis,” Moser explained.

As Moser continued to gain friends around the world, the Mondavi name continues to be a supportive source in his life.

When it came time to create labels for his signature Grüner line, Moser followed Michael Mondavi’s advice.

“He always said ‘with our labels, and with our love of wine, our product and sophistication, we scare people away because we make it too complicated,’” Moser said.

To keep the magic of wine simple for consumers to understand, Moser chose a traditional bottle with modern elements and labels.

“The timeless elegance concept is so important,” Moser explained.

In 2012, Moser continued to illustrate Grüner’s magic to the world by starting “Generation Grüner” – a blind tasting of 40 Grüner wines from all over the world to promote Grüner on a global basis.

“Everybody finds Grüner attractive because Grüner is sexy, Grüner is hot, Grüner is new. Everybody wants to know more,” Moser said. “The more we can create positive news or news altogether, the more the consumer will be aware if it. Stick it under people’s noses and they will love it.”

Even though Moser will gasconade about his mentors from his past, he is quickly becoming a mentor himself. To the wine world and in particular to his daughter, Sophie.

“I grew up with the product and it’s something to be proud of,” Sophie Moser said.

“Mondavi said ‘it doesn’t take two lives to get where you want. Grüner is a player in the international arena,” Moser exclaimed. “To have Laurenz V as a company and as a winery a leader in this industry, I will be more than happy.”


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