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International Gamay Competition Announces 2013 Winners

The third annual International Gamay Competition has announced the winners from its 2013 awards, which included a new category of sparkling wine.

Organized by Inter Beaujolais, a total of 547 wines were tasted across the competition, with 165 medals awarded, including 31 Grand Gold (the top award), 64 Gold and 70 Silver.

This year saw 23 medals awarded to wines from outside France, including five Grand Gold, an increase from four last year. Croatia won a Grand Gold medal, illustrating once more the potential of Gamay to produce quality wines around the world. French producers swept 29 medals from Loire and Rhône valleys, and south west France, while Beaujolais appellations picked up 113 medals, including 23 Grand Gold.

In addition, 30 percent of the sparkling wines submitted were awarded medals including two Grand Gold, five Gold and two Silver, showing the potential of Gamay as a sparkling wine grape variety for white, red or rosé styles.

Inter Beaujolais marketing and communications director Anthony Collet said, “This year we wanted to highlight the growing interest for sparkling wines made from Gamay among consumers as well as producers. We are really satisfied with the results, as nine wines out of 30 submitted were awarded medals.”

The competition was judged by a panel of top winemakers, experts, merchants and critics on January 19, with the results announced on January 28.

The International Gamay competition is open to any international producer creating wines from a minimum of 85 percent Gamay.

SOURCE: Harpers

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