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Great Balls of Ice

An adult-friendly twist on a childhood frozen treat is the unique, new way to enjoy your favorite wines this summer!

Diamond Wines from Francis Ford Coppola introduces the new Snow-Ball Cocktail! Served over crushed ice, Diamond Wine and a perfectly paired all-natural fruit syrup will be the most refreshing – and fun – treat you’ll have all summer, just like you enjoyed growing up.

The premium, all-natural syrups were handcrafted by Skylite Snowballs and made specifically to match the tasting notes of Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Wine in 3 unique varieties – Diamond Chardonnay Pink Grapefruit, Diamond Pinot Grigio Lemon Shiso and Diamond Merlot Raspberry Lime. The tingle of citrus, sweet fruit notes and crisp ice-chill will be like nothing you’ve ever enjoyed as an adult!

Create these balls of joy with the following recipes:

Chardonnay Pink Grapefruit
2 ounces Gold Label Diamond Chardonnay
.5 ounce Skylite Pink Grapefruit Syrup
8 ounces crushed ice

Merlot Raspberry Lime
2 ounces Blue Label Diamond Merlot
.75 ounce Skylite Raspberry Lime
8 ounces crushed ice

Pinot Grigio Meyer Lemon Shiso
2 ounces Emerald Label Diamond Pinot Grigio
.5 ounce Skylite Meyer Lemon Shiso
8 ounces crushed ice

Find Skylite Snowball Cocktail Syrups and Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Wines available for sale online at

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