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Frequently Asked Questions

Great Wine News collects and broadcasts consumer driven wine news around the world.
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What can I submit to Great Wine News (GWN) for publishing?
Great Wine News accepts news, stories, photos and video.  Any individual or entity submitting to GWN must agree and certify they own the photos, video or text or have the right to permit GWN to use and publish the material and that it may be published, used or distributed in electronic, print or other media across the world and the individual or entity will not be entitled to any payments.  It is also understood that GWN reserves the right to reject any photo, video or text and may remove it from GWN web platforms at any time for any reason GWN deems appropriate.

Who decides what is published?   
Our Content Editor decides.  The Content Editor reviews only complete submissions.   Please understand we receive a tremendous amount of email and materials from around the world.  Because of the volume, incomplete submissions may not be responded to.   Please take the time to fill out any requested information form as completely as possible.

What tips will help my news story get published?  
1. Submit timely news about wine and wine lifestyle.
2. Keep your articles to 300-500 words.
3. Send high resolution photos.  If you are submitting photos for the Society and Soirees section, up to 15 photos may be published.
4. Videos should not exceed 3 minutes and should not be shorter than 30 seconds.

Can I add photos or videos with my news or story?
Yes, it is very helpful and makes your news or story more appealing to us and more interesting to our readers. The number of images should be around 3 and the videos should not be much longer than 3 minutes or shorter than 30 seconds.

What size photos should I send GWN? 
All photos should be between 100dpi and 300dpi.  File size should not exceed 2.5mb per photo.

Will GWN link my news to me or my website?   
No, our income is solely from advertisers who pay to connect with links, videos, and their images.  If you would like to digitally connect with our readers, we offer advertising options for as little as $19 per month.  Click here to see our advertising rates.

Will GWN publish my email address so people can reach me? 
No, we respect your privacy and also only allow such connectivity to our advertisers.  We will use your name as the author of the news, photos or stories you submit, along with the city and country of location.

How long will my news or story appear in GWN?  
You should expect that your news, photos or story will live online forever.  Our readers want news that is current but they also will appreciate and socially share well-presented and interesting information for many days or weeks. Our Content Editor has digital tools that help track news that is trending well with our readers.  The Content Editor adds and deletes news, stories and photos throughout each business day.

Can I delete or retract news, photos or a story I submitted?      
You should expect that your news, photos or story submitted will live online forever.   GWN, at our discretion, may elect to remove your submission.

I found an error in what I submitted to GWN, what do I do?  
Call us immediately at +1-602-852-0283.

How do I see if my news or story is in GWN?    
Our web platform is completely searchable.  From any page, scroll to the very top of the page and find the “search” button in the upper right corner.  Enter keywords related to your news.  Once you see your news, we encourage you to copy the URL location and paste it through your own network and social media connections.

What things should I avoid in preparing my news and story submissions?
1. Inappropriate or offense materials.
2. Non wine related material.
3. Unconfirmed facts and quotes.  Prior to publishing, GWN may contact any and all parties mentioned in any news or story, at GWN’s discretion, to confirm any information.
4. Poor quality photos and videos exceeding 3 to 4 minutes in running time.  We will give preference to better quality photos and video productions.
5. News and stories composed for the sole purpose of selling to consumers.  GWN does not participate in any direct sales or receive referral fees for alcohol sales. Part of our role is as a platform for advertisers. Click to see our advertising rates.

Do I need to send you my news and stories in multiple languages?    
No, our web platform provides a translator tool for conversion into nearly 60 languages.

Can I link my GWN news or story to other digital outlets and websites?    
Yes, GWN is participatory news.  We encourage our news, photos, videos and stories to be viewed by all possible audiences and we work hard to mobilize our readers to participate in great wine lifestyles, events and activities.

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