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Francis Mallmann’s Siete Fuegos Asado – Mendoza, Argentina

A Place to Gather

How important are furniture choices in a restaurant? For the team working hard on preparations for Francis Mallmann’s Siete Fuegos Asado at The Vines Resort and Spa, one of the most important decisions involved the design of the communal table. A reflection of quintessential Argentine family asados, the table will become the centerpiece of the open air restaurant at the resort and lay the foundation for memorable shared dining experiences between family, friends and friends-to-be.

Settling on the ideal size for the table was critical. Taking a page from Goldilocks, The Vines team knew that for the table to be just right, it had to be long enough to allow lots of people to comfortably dine together, narrow enough to enable conversation and easy passing of plates, yet wide enough to handle all the delicious food and multiple glasses of wine. Constructed of locally sourced materials including recycled wine barrels, the resulting design measures just over one meter wide and eight meters long – that’s roughly the length of two mid-size vehicles, parked end-to-end!

Considerations around details like these are intended to create unforgettable culinary experiences for the guests of Siete Fuegos. The Vines Co-Founder Michael Evans knows it takes a variety of elements to create an idyllic setting for the perfect meal, including “a mix of interesting people with fresh, well prepared foods, the Andean sky and some fabulous wines. It is hard to describe the alchemy — but some magic definitely happens.”

Once complete, this new gathering place will deliver many incredible meals and magical moments. Hopefully you’ll find yourself a seat at the table soon!


Diego Irrera

Welcome Siete Fuegos Asado Chef Diego Irrera

1.  Which of the Siete Fuegos techniques is your favorite to work with, and why?
The clay oven was my first significant experience cooking with fires at 1884. I find it truly amazing that it can be used for different cooking techniques and recipes, from bread to burning fruit. That is the most enjoyable technique for me.

2.  Francis Mallmann calls fire “the soul and the engine” of the kitchen, and often talks about harnessing the right fire for the right dish to create interesting contrasts. Tell us about a dish you prepare that combines the fires in an unexpected way.
One of the seven fires is called “curanto” and it’s a fusion of fire, stone, earth and Argentine traditions. We allow a fire to burn for hours to heat stones that absorb the heat. We then use the heated stones to cook without the fire. At Siete Fuegos, we cook a goat from Malargue, a city located in the south of Mendoza Provence, with rosemary leaves and aromatic jarilla, typical of the area. The result of this recipe is a very tender, juicy and aromatic meat.

3. The Siete Fuegos Asado at The Vines Resort and Spa recently opened. It’s a tough decision, but what are your guests telling you they are enjoying most from the current menu so far?
A fresh pink salmon from the Pacific ocean cooked to perfection on the “infiernillo” – between two levels of fire – with a crust of salt.

4. Harvest is upon us, and we’re enjoying the transition between summer and fall here in Mendoza. How does an asado change with the seasons?
Our menu is simple; we use very high quality, fresh products – always seasonal vegetables so the menu rotates and every asado is different. We work with a lot of respect to maintain the highest food quality throughout the process. The guests enjoy not only good food, but seeing the fire preparations and techniques.

Siete Fuegos Asado Ramada

What could be more memorable and romantic than enjoying a Siete Fuegos Asado amongst the vineyards? This is precisely the experience the newly constructed ramada was created to deliver. Whether enjoying a crisp Torrontes with salt crusted salmon under the shade on a warm afternoon, or a hearty Malbec with roasted lamb while stargazing at a dinner asado, guests are finding the perfect setting for an unforgettable meal with friends old and new at The Vines Resort and Spa’s new Siete Fuegos Asado Ramada.

Inspired by Francis Mallmann’s Siete Fuegos techniques, the ramada and outdoor grilling space were built amongst the vineyards in a location where The Vines staff had been preparing asados for years. The team’s vision was to bring an authentic Argentine outdoor asado experience to guests under the shelter of a typical ramada. The surrounding area has been built out to include a designated space for each of the seven fires, kitchen prep area, bocce ball court, hitching post for guests who arrive on horseback, restroom, and even a siesta space where you can relax in a hammock after stuffing your belly full of delicious asado and wine. Construction on this project was completed just before Vendimia began, and the area is now full of guests enjoying the full Siete Fuegos Asado experience every Wednesday through Sunday.

The Vines of Mendoza
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Mendoza, Mendoza CP 5500

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