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Family Drama at its Finest

Grab your popcorn and Coke. Forget the Coke. Grab a glass of your favorite wine. You’ll want it for this movie release.

You Will Be My Son, is a poignant french family drama set in a prestigious vineyard in Saint Emilion, France. The film was directed by Gilles LeGrand (Micmacs, Malabar Princess) and opened August 16 in select theaters from Cohen Media Group.

You Will Be My Son, focuses on the problematic relationship between Paul Marseul, (Niels Arestrup), the vineyard owner, and his son, Martin (Loran Deutsch), who works with him on the family estate.  Paul is a demanding and passionate winemaker but is a domineering father. He is not happy that his son may one day succeed him. He dreams of a son who is more talented, more charismatic . . . and more in line with his own aspirations. Things deteriorate as Paul’s trusted manager Francois  (Patrick Chesnais) is dying of cancer. When Francois’ son Philip (Nicolas Bridet), also in the wine business,  returns from California to look after his father, Paul sees Philip as his ideal son and turns away from his own flesh and blood.

A powerful story about family, this movie may be a tearjerker so be sure to have tissues handy.

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