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Eight Steps to Ordering Like a Boss

It’s Thursday night. You’ve been waiting months for the opportunity to go out to dinner with your employers. They invite you to a restaurant you’ve never been before. Excitement fills the air as you finally get to sit back and relax with the two people you admire most. After settling in, Steve, the CEO, says he’s been getting into wine lately and, knowing you dabble too, asks you to pick a bottle for the table. How do you handle this? As you hold the wine list, the sommelier heads your way. It’s your move, what do you do?

My advice? Act like a boss. Take control of the situation by letting the sommelier help. You may not be able to own the wine list, but you can own the situation and choose an exciting bottle of wine. Trust me, it’s easy.

You don’t need to over think it. Here are eight easy steps to ordering wine like a boss.

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