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Dirty DUI Case

Mitchell Katz

Two victims of so-called “dirty DUI” arrests testified at the trial of the arresting officer in federal court in San Francisco Tuesday that they were plied with wine at a Danville bar on the night of the incidents.

“He kept ordering flights of wine,” said witness Mitchell Katz, referring to a man he knew only as “Benny,” who was present at a 2011 meeting at The Vine, a wine-tasting bar, that was supposedly for the purpose of discussing a future television program.

Katz, the owner of a Livermore winery, and Verizon technology strategist Hasan Aksu, of Martinez, were called to the stand by prosecutors at the trial of former Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff Stephen Tanabe.

Tanabe, 50, of Alamo, is facing federal charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and extortion for his alleged role in the drunken driving arrests of Katz, Aksu and a third man in late 2010 and early 2011.

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