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Decanting Inspiration and Elegance

Glass & Co USA’s serving line includes three tall and elegant wine decanters especially designed to aerate the wine and to allow it to breathe. This stimulates the movement of molecules in the wine to trigger the release of more aromatic compounds and also benefits the wine by smoothing any harsher aspects.

The capacity, base diameter and height of their wine decanters perfectly mimics the effects of swirling the wine in a glass.

Glass & Co USA’s serving wine decanters will bring a touch of class to any tableware.

Inspiration Decanter (straight):

A fantastic 52 ounce /1.5 liter decanter with a refined design will permit any wine lover to appreciate the finest way to taste and enjoy the finest wines. Will not etch, cloud or discolor. Dishwasher safe.

Inspiration Decanter (diagonal):

Stylish, large based crystal decanter, perfect for showcasing your wine at the table. The wide bell-shaped bottom ensures wines are able the breath properly. The modern, angled neck helps to minimize spillage. This 52 ounce /1.5 liter will not etch, cloud or discolor. Dishwasher safe.

Aqua Bottle:

This beautiful handmade crystal bottle has been specifically designed to allow an easy grip with two lateral indents that give this bottle a very distinctive unique look and functionality. Lead-free, dishwasher safe, 300 ml capacity.

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