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Australia Winery Forecasts Export Growth for 2013

Award-winning Australian wine manufacturer Cassegrain Wines forecasts that its exports to China will double this year, according to managing director John Cassegrain.

Cassegrain Wines’ export markets include New Zealand, China, Japan and countries across Europe.

Cassegrain said exports from the Port Macquarie-based winery now represent more than 35 percent of total revenue.

“Our focus on innovative local wine manufacturing and skills development has resulted in Cassegrain Wines continuing to achieve strong growth across various global markets, particularly throughout Asia,” Cassegrain explained.

“Our largest market continues to be Japan, where we have been selling our products since 1987, in restaurants and hotels and selling to commuters on board the country’s renowned high-speed bullet trains. In fact, over the past 12 months, we have achieved a 10 per cent growth in sales, mainly due to the ongoing strong demand for our premium wines.”

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