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Ante Up! ACES California is the Real Deal!

(Canada) – ACES Wine Group is pleased to announce the newest shark to their line up! ACES California will be available January 2013 at a restaurant, bar or store near you!

Wine and poker: the two passions that set ACES’ Holger Clausen’s heart ablaze.

Nature deals some fine cards to the Okanagan’s vineyards. But perfect grapes – like perfect poker hands – are rare indeed.

ACES’ Holger Clausen holds the cards: he knows how and where to source the Valley’s best varietals. As the Okanagan’s preeminent independent harvester, his knowledge of the Valley’s terroir – and his relationships with growers – is without parallel.

ACES bets large on a select few partners who hand-cultivate extraordinary small plots within the Okanagan’s most expensive terroir: the “blue chip” benches of Oliver, Osoyoos and Naramata. When fruit is anything short of perfect, ACES never bluffs – it simply folds on that year’s varietal… and awaits Nature’s next deal.

ACES’ growers adhere to a labour-intensive, low-yield regimen. Obsessive attention wins small but super-select yields of unparalleled flavor – one and a half to two tonnes per acre. ACES’ grapes are second to none.

If you live for sipping liquid bliss or raking in a fat pot, you’ll understand the man. In university, Texas Hold’em gets a hold of him, and he spends three years (and most of his student loans) establishing his name in high limit poker rooms from Vancouver to Vegas.

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