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Annapolis Valley’s Nova Scotia

On a recent trip to Canada, my fiancé Sue and I visited Sainte-Famille Vineyards in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. Our host was the vineyard’s owner, Suzanne Corkum. Mrs. Corkum introduced us to a unique delicacy: maple wine. It’s not new for wineries to make use of local and regional ingredients in one way or another, so we could hardly be surprised to find that a Canadian winery was making maple wine. After all, the maple leaf is the national symbol of Canada.

If you can imagine drinking a glass of chilled maple syrup, you’d have a fair sense of the flavor though the sweetness would be overpowering.
Thanks to the yeast fermenting away most of the sugars, what Sainte-Famille offers is a wonderful drink that retains all the flavor of pure maple syrup with a very pleasant level of sweetness.


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