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Amista Vineyards Cherishes New Friendships

(Sonoma County, California) – Owners Mike and Vicky Farrow came up with the name, Amista Vineyards, after many conversations with friends, searches on the web, brainstorm lists and debates.

“We knew we wanted something that had to do with friendship and a word that started with an “A” so it would be at the top of lists!” Vicky Farrow says.

Dozens of ideas were sifted through before the Farrows zeroed in on the theme of friendship.

“We chose a Spanish word to honor the heritage of our own property (straddling two of the original Spanish land grants) and the area in general,” Farrow says.

“Our big story is that creating Amista has been all about friendship.   At each step in our journey, we’ve had friends encouraging, guiding and helping us realize our dreams,” Farrow says.  “Their enthusiasm and interest taught us that not only do we take great pleasure in growing grapes and making wine, but that we’re invigorated by sharing our experience with others.   So, Amista welcomes old and new friends alike, to join us in exploring the natural rhythm and splendid beauty of wine country living.”

Over time, many of Amista’s guests have become members of their club and they have made new friends at the winery or at one of their events.
“Our guests constantly tell us that Amista is a friendly place and that the wonderful people they meet – both our team and other guests – are part of the lasting memories they have of a joyous time in wine country,” Farrow says.

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