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Amazon Goes High-Brow

Amazon Photographer (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Tucked somewhere in the Amazon campus in Seattle, there is a room that has holds some very important racks of wine.

The bottles are handled carefully. With gloved hands, an Amazon photographer pulls each one off a wire rack and then photographs it so that online shoppers can see each bottle in a clean setting. An image of each bottle’s label and description will be uploaded to site so shoppers can look at them in detail. This has happened thousands of times, for each type of wine Amazon sells. It is decidedly not how Amazon sells DVDs or books.

Rather, this is part of the online retail giant’s push into new categories of high-brow products — including a $700 bottle of Montrose Bordeaux and a $200,000 Andy Warhol original depicting China’s Chairman Mao — all in an effort to create a new revenue stream and meet the demands of a more elite base of clientele.


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