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2013 Tio Pepe En Rama

This may look your everyday ordinary bottle of Sherry but it is far from it. En Rama is the local jargon used by the winery workers of Tio Pepe to describe their Sherry at its most natural state, straight from the cask.

As with previous releases, the 2013 edition was bottled in its most natural and delicate state; unfiltered and unclarified.  Consequently it has a recommended drinking window of 3 months from the bottling date of April 8 to ensure optimum freshness.

Tio Pepe En Rama is powerfully aromatic with a distinctive ‘flor’ character.  Aromas of fresh bread and hints of almond are accompanied by savory flavors and a long, clean citrus finish.

This is the fourth annual bottling of the unfiltered, unclarified fino which is made in strictly limited quantities.

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