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La Mancha, Spain: “Thou Hast Seen Nothing Yet.”

La Mancha, Spain) – La Mancha is the heart and soul of romance. Where else could Don Quijote, with trusted sidekick Sancho Panza, fight windmills in defense of his true love Dulcinea? Miguel Cervantes set his sweeping commentary about life in 16th-century Spain across this vast tapestry of terrain.

This lore is not lost on the Montalvo Wilmot family which carries on a tradition of wine making at its Finca de Los Cerritos estate. Located in the fertile lands of the Guadiana Valley, about a three hour drive south of Madrid, this is the Spain of rambling vineyards.

With exacting detail, the Montalvo Wilmot family crafts its wines following century-old traditions, which date back to a time when Los Cerrillos was the center of the Great Priory of St. John of Jerusalem. Also known as the Order of Malta, this historical provenance casts a long shadow over the family that works nearly 750 acres of rich soil.

The Montalvo Wilmot family tends to Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varietals that have become synonymous with quality wines. Part of the alchemy revolves around the highly calcareous soil. “When you combine strong changes of temperature, low rainfall and many hours of sun,” explains Alejandro Montalvo, “the result is wine that is ideal for the most exigent palates.”

“When you combine strong changes of temperature, low rainfall and many hours of sun,” explains Alejandro Montalvo, “the result is wine that is ideal for the most exigent palates.”

This part of La Mancha is magically surrounded by Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park. Covering more than 9,000 acres, 16 natural lakes with assorted rivers and falls weave their way through the storied plains. The sacred home of Don Quijote lures adventurers of all types. From daily hikes, explorations of historic sites and of course wine tours, La Mancha has developed a strong tourism base.

Visitors from across the globe travel to Madrid, rent a car and then begin a journey that begins a few hours outside the city. For travelers exploring the continent, the International E-road network cuts through the region as well.

Understanding the culinary experience and links between wine and cheese has also led Montalvo Wilmot to open a queseria. Using fresh goat milk from a large herd that is kept on the estate, the vineyard is also attracting attention for its award-winning manchego cheese. “It is a natural complement to our wines and the abundance of La Mancha,” adds Alejandro.

With an influx of visitors, the Montalvo Wilmot family has opened La Casa Rural Los Cerrillos, which is a boutique hotel that is situated on the estate. With seven double rooms and three suites, La Casa is a sanctuary from urban dwelling. It is also an opportunity for travelers to stay on property throughout the seasons as the vineyards prepare for harvest.

As you meander through the fields and rippling countryside of La Mancha, be on the lookout for additions to your collection of wine. Montalvo Wilmot crafts Coleccion Privada Rosado, Cabernet-Roble, Syrah-Roble, Cabernet De Familia, Verdejo Coleccion and Tempranillo-Cabernet Roble

While you are at it, collect a bounty of memories and visions of giant windmills that captured the imagination of one fine knight so long ago.

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